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CARTA's Latest News

CARTA Epands itshref="../pdf/ Fixed Route Service Fleet with Electric Buses

CARTA is pleased to announce the expansion of itshref="../pdf/ fixed route bus service fleet with the addition of three new all-electric transit buses. These battery-electric buses are clean, safe and provide dependable, zero-emission public transportation service.


CARTA Redesign: Planning for the Future

CARTA wants to serve you better and is looking at our entire system to best meet your needs. The CARTA Redesign study is a year-long planning study led by CARTA in partnership with the City of Chattanooga, the Regional Planning Agency, and many community partners to analyze the current CARTA fixed route bus service and recommend changes to the systerm.

For more information about the transit redesign project, please click here.




CARTA is proud to announce that it has partnered with Google Transit, a public transit trip planning feature of Google Maps, to present our new Trip Planner App! This online app will provide information on CARTA routes, stop locations, travel time, and number of transfers, as well as offer comparisons with other modes of transportation (walking, biking, car, etc.) and their corresponding mapping designations. Just plug in the date and time you want to arrive at your destinations and click! Ithref="../pdf/s easy. Ithref="../pdf/s accurate. Ithref="../pdf/s informative! Give CARTAhref="../pdf/s Trip Planner a try!

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